19 August 2011

The Dairy Queen by the Ramada Hotel

We have been here for a child's birthday party and for a couple of Toastmasters Club Committee meetings. The Dairy Queen is in the car park of the Ramada Hotel and right next to the busiest crossroads in Doha. You really cannot miss it and the parking is easy.

It is basically a hamburger joint and it certainly seems to be popular with children and with their parents wanting their kids to burn off a bit of steam. The play area seemed very good and the food was nicely served and the children had a great time. As to the adults, this adult enjoyed it but the food is what it is, fast food and this is generally only a last resort for me.

The Committee Meetings we attended were early (8am) on a Friday morning and it was adequate for us in that it was a central meeting place and we could get a coffee and hold our meetings too. Seemed quite busy even that early on a Friday so that must say something.

Worth popping in sometime if you want something quick.

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