3 April 2011

DHL in Doha

I had the misfortune to have my passport damaged while it was getting the visa put in it. This needed replacing therefore and UK passports now need to be sent to Dusseldorf in Germany. Someone suggested that DHL did a service for this.

I went to the branch in Salwa Road and booked my passport in, called Passport Express. The staff in the office filled the forms in for me and it was a pretty painless process.

I was given a tracking number and it was fascinating to watch the DHL website to see how my passport got to Dusseldorf.
My new passport took 11 days to turnaround and DHL delivered it back to my door. I thought that the process was excellent and helped to heal the wounds of the damage caused to my old passport that got damaged.

DHL has a number of other offices in Doha, including one in Villaggio Mall rear entrance.

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